Honouring Iconic Bands

Australian music history is adorned with great rock bands. One of them, The Radiators still to this day is one of the hardest working bands in the country, performing regularly 2 nights a week across Australia.

While the band’s physical presence has never waned, their online presence had. It was our mission, along with International Touring Artist Services to bring it back with a vengeance!

Gig Counter

We designed and developed the “gig counter” technology for The Radiators to not only give fans a real-time heads-up on upcoming gigs, but from a brand experience, to let people know of the vitality of this great outfit.

Gig Art

While there are apps out there that can feed mundane gig updates online across social platforms on an automated cycle, there’s nothing quite like interrupting the monotony with individually crafted gig posters cut in different shapes and sizes to grab attention.

Social Media Management

Bands and their management often have better things to do then getting their heads around growing and keeping engaged the fan base. We work with bands on pulling the “right” content and analyse engagement metrics to gauge what fans like and want.