Making Change for Change-Agents

Interrupt, Director Dan Toombs has worked with Consumer Advocate, Erin Brockovich on numerous environmental and health campaigns globally.

We’ve designed and developed numerous platforms for Erin Brockovich, including her own website.

Creating a Revolution

Essure is a medical device that has harmed thousands of women globally. We crafted the strategy, designed and developed the platform that gave literally, thousands of women a voice and the ability to join arms in taking on a global giant of a pharmaceutical company.

Connecting People

Social change is often dependent upon connecting people. Every day hundreds of people reach out to Erin Brockovich to report environmental and health issues.

We worked with Erin on the strategy, design and development of a community reporting platform that allows users to report everything from environmental contamination to bad pharmaceuticals. Tens of thousands of people are active on the platform.

Harnessing Technology

Geo-targeting is a powerful strategy in conveying issues that impact upon communities.

In devising Erin’s Community Health Platform, not only did we ant to give people the ability to plot their individual issues, but also give a stark visual representation of those issues impacting upon a wider demographic. We devised the technology behind this.

Print & Digital

We mobilised thousands of women adversely impacted by a medical device with posters to plaster around their neighbourhoods, driving phenomenal traffic to the campaign website.