Brand & Design Strategy

We work with a number of leading non-profits on brand and design strategy. We have an acute understanding of how non-profits operate and work seamlessly within that context.

Our work with Carbal Medical Centre has included strategy and every piece of marketing collateral that has followed.

Web & Mobile Design

Our work with Carbal Medical Centre has involved digital strategy, design and development. The mobile responsive website is an incarnation of this, as too is the training portal within the website that is training mental health workers working with Indigenous people.

Print Marketing Agency

Non-profits can often make a big mistake in not leveraging their relationships and associated events in unique and different ways.

We have worked with Carbal Medical Centre on multiple fronts in keeping clients engaged and feeling a part of this innovative and progressive non-profit.

Brochures & Flyers

We’re huge proponents of “digital.” But in the context of non-profits and their demographic, great print design can completely transform and engage potential and existing clients.


Annual Reports & Guides

Non-profits notoriously treat their Annual Report as a job that just has to be dealt with, neglecting the significant brand and marketing opportunity that an Annual Report offers.

We’ve consistently seen government funders applaud the non-profits that we work with on their comprehensive, professional and on-point strategy with the provision of these and associated reports.

Impact Photography

A picture says a thousand words and when it comes to the brand message of a non-profit or a new campaign that they’ve launched, impact photography is key.

Business Cards, Letterheads & Stationery

Very often an afterthought, one of the most travelled piece of marketing collateral are business cards, letterheads and associated stationery.

As a part of our comprehensive brand and marketing strategy, we leave no stone unturned.

Banners & Promotional Material

We’ve dove-tailed Sun Rise Way’s commitment to client excellence with a comprehensive range of marketing and promotional material to engender both brand awareness, as well as representing the centre to clients and potential clients as a World-class service provider.

Getting Social

We design comprehensive marketing collateral with “social” in mind.

We work with Carbal Medical Centre on plenty of promotional events that seek to engage the massive demographic who engage with the World via social media only.

New Campaigns

We help non-profits plan and execute new government funded campaigns, freeing up your time to focus on service provision.

Outdoor Advertising Agency

Once, outdoor campaign ads were commonplace for non-profits who were wanting to engage on a particular topic. Still, highly effective way of conveying your campaign message!


Broadcasting your non-profit’s message across mediums is paramount. We design for every imaginable possibility from t-shirts to tea-towels to things we won’t mention.